The Swift Practice Summary in January 2022

Berfore you start to reading, please ignore the grammar in this Summary.

When 2021 was end, I set a target in 2022. To write a English summary about Swift learning in every month. It is quite difficult., but I want to try. When we use English ability in ASIA, writing and talking imporve slow. Even we try hard to learn and study. Because we have no one to write to or talk to. So I try to use these summary to improve my English ability. The same way I try to dive in Swift.

This is a new memory in Jan. I start to interview with companies and try to get iOS developer work. In this month , I have few time to study the knowledge I can not understand. I spent more time to conversetion to HR, supervisor and manager. To know what should I have to know before start as a iOS developer. I have to say thank to those spent their time to interview with me. So I know what I have to learn more about Swift.

I launched second App on App Store and try to update the App. I learned how to revise the code and sent it to Apple team to interview again.

The summary to count my Swift article when I started :

2021/06 :16


2021/08 :20

2021/09 :16

2021/10 :20

2021/11 :15

2021/12 :05


The goal I want to achieve in next month:

Start to work as iOS developer

Learn the knowledge about SwiftUI

Pass the foundational tutorial about Kotlin (become a member to learn Kotlin in App Work School)

It is time to enjoy the Chinese traditional New Year. Hope you guys have great luck in Tiger Year!!!



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