The Swift Summary in April 2022

Berfore you start to reading, please ignore the grammar in this Summary and see the beautiful photo. I really appreciate.

What is going on April:

It’s a totally different month. I started to research knowledge of Kotlin in work. A new language to learn. I have to spent time to now how to build a project by GraphQL in Kotlin. I only to study Swift knowledge get off work.

In this month, I launch a new App in App Store. A first Swift side project to make people to calculate money moew quickly. I think it something different between UIKit and SwiftUI. I know I have more to learn in SwitUI. It is a future in Apple’s development.

I started to learn LeetCode(EASY). It a quite funny to learn it. I know it not a priority mission for now. But I think it will help to expand my knowledge in my developer career.

The amount of summary to my Swift article when I started :

2021/Summer :16


2021/Winter :40



The goals I want to achieve in May:

Publish least five or more Swift article to share I know in Medium.

Build a side project for those people have pet.

Learn one or more LeetCode

Try to override my UIKit project by SwiftUI.

Just learn and keep enthusiasm in Swift!!



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