The Swift Summary in March 2022

Berfore you start to reading, please ignore the grammar in this Summary and see the beautiful photo. I really appreciate.

What is going on March:

It had many things to learn on March. As a iOS developer in full month, I research some new feature about SwiftUI. Many people had already to know those feature, but I still to learn. Even I already forgot how to write UIKit… I researched GCD , Unit Test and UI Test. I hear that before, but never to use. I think it will improve my code quality and how to test function and UI. It keeps me to update to new version in my code and keep orginal code will work successfully.

GCD could help me to use thread smoothly and do not disturb the main thread to update UI. I will write some article to introduce GCD and tell what I learn in GCD.

The class about Kotlin in AppWork School also end in March. I learned how to use Kotlin to build a Recycle View and other feature in Kotlin. It will help my career and know how to write Android App by kotlin. It can compares two different languages in smart phone.

The amount of summary to my Swift article when I started :

2021/Summer :16


2021/Winter :40


The goals I want to achieve in April:

Publish least five or more Swift article to share I know in Medium.

Launch a new app to help people to calculate money when they attend a activity and pay different amount before attend.

Star to learn(write) LeetCode by easy

Try to override my UIKit project by SwiftUI.

How to achieve these goal as a iOS developer in work is big challenge. I will try to manage time to take these goal. Just keep learning!!




Smile Coding / iOS轉職路ING

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Dogpa Chen

Dogpa Chen

Smile Coding / iOS轉職路ING

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